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Ginger and Kafir Lime Detox Body Wrap

60 MINUTES  $85

A blend of purified white clay with herbs draws out impurities while ginger stimulates circulation and gives warmth to the body. Kafir lime is rich in essential oils to nourish skin and replenish it with moisture.

Kakao Cocoa Body Wrap

60 MINUTES  $85

This dark, luscious cocoa-based wrap does wonders for dry skin – it’s the ultimate moisturizer. Reputed for its rich source of antioxidants and various vitamins, cocoa rejuvenates dull, dry skin while opening clogged pores and removing toxins to help promote tissue regeneration.

Detoxifying Seaweed Body Wrap

60 MINUTES  $85

A mineral-rich serum helps to eliminate lymphatic sluggishness and restore healthy body tone.

Ginger and Kafir Lime Scrub

60 MINUTES  $75

Give your body what it needs to slow down the signs of aging. Ginger and Kafir lime have been used since ancient times for the therapeutic effects on the body. They contain antioxidants to fight free radicals and stimulate the body’s natural detoxification process. Revitalize with this ancient wonder from Asia.

Kakao Cocoa Butter Scrub

60 MINUTES  $75

This indulgent scrub exfoliates dead surface skin cells while deeply moisturizing and protecting newly exposed skin. The pods for the amazing cocoa plant reduce degeneration of skin cells and restore skin's elasticity. Lightly sprinkled with finely crushed almonds to soften, polish, and smooth the skin. Micro-ground sandalwood is then added for its natural skin rejuvenating properties.

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Scranton, PA 18503
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Espresso Mud Body Scrub

60 MINUTES  $75

Fragrant and finely ground coffee beans are blended with Indian sarsaparilla, honey, tobacco, and black silt clay in this detoxifying multi-purpose scrub and treatment.

Lemongrass Mimosa Body Scrub

60 MINUTES  $75

Zesty lemongrass and bamboo are blended to make this foaming, exfoliating scrub effective in sloughing away calloused or flaky skin.

Grape Seed Anti-Cellulite Scrub

60 MINUTES  $75

Helps aid in cellulite reduction and healthy circulation throughout the skin. Contains caffeine and other antioxidants to eliminate toxins and tone the skin.

Seasonal Wraps and Scrubs

Seasonal wraps and scrubs, tailored to incorporate the freshest available ingredients, provide targeted solutions for skin concerns throughout the year, ensuring optimal care and rejuvenation for each season.



Steam Room

complementary with body treatments

Guests are invited to arrive 15-30 minutes in advance of their appointment time to enjoy our steam facilities, which soothe muscles, loosen limbs and prepare your body of the deepest therapeutic 

experience. Complementary with your service, you may relax in our detoxifying infrared sauna which promotes pain relief, cell health, improved circulation and overall wellness.

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